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New anti-blockchain token CastratDebt with p2p echange and own hosting

Publié : 04 juin 2024, 23:46
par Haroldren
Neutral time of the day! We launched our own anti-blockchain token CastratDebt and our own p2p exchange without KYC+AML, but with a guarantor service. More than 1000 pairs are traded. Participation is free, without phone and email. The site is on its own hosting (not in the USA) with proxy tunnelling. Also developed its own messenger with encryption, no blockchain and basic security.

On the exchange you can exchange including logs, gifts, cryptocurrency without transaction and bank data without transaction. I.e. this data is not covered by the blockchain and therefore not tracked.

To visit the site, click on the link and click "Visit site". Then register without using personal data and start trading.

Oh, and it's not the NSA's honeypot.

The link is.

If the site does not load - refresh the site